June 1, 2016

Lockdown revisited


The last day of school in Garrison brought with it unexpected circumstances. What sounded like shots fired near the Bob Callies Elementary School sent both the high school and elementary school into immediate lockdown.

A short time later, it was determined the sounds were a backfire from a nearby vehicle that was being worked on.

Garrison School Superintendent, Nick Klemisch, was guest at Tuesday’s Garrison Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs Committee meeting. He talked about the incident and how school officials handled the situation.

Thursday, May 19, Garrison High School had already dismissed for the summer. Elementary students were nearing the end of their school year when the sounds were heard outside but in close proximity to the elementary school.

Taking precautionary measures, school officials responded, calling 911. The elementary school was immediately in lockdown. The high school was notified and was also locked down.

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