April 12, 2012

‘Boxtops’ pay dividends

‘Boxtops’ pay dividends

Who says learning has to be having your nose stuck in a book, reading all those black letters on a white page. Why can’t it be fun?
For sixth grade students in Sue Hendrickson’s class at Garrison’s Bob Callies Elementary School, learning just became more enjoyable. The students each received an iPod. What’s an iPod? Well, an iPod is about the size of a cell phone. It’s a smaller version of the iPad, the latest craze in electronic devices. It’s like a hand-held calculator – only with more bells and whistles. Functions are similar to the iPad. But size doesn’t matter. Students have fallen in love with the little electronic gadget.
The purchase didn’t come out of the school’s budget. Funding to buy the iPods came from people clipping and donating coupons – lots of them – called Boxtops for Education.
Pam Matte, Boxtops for Education coordinator for Garrison schools, said the school has been able to see a number of items purchased through collection of the Boxtops. Items include a popcorn popper, printing scanners, two Wii game consoles, some games, and now, the i Pods.

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