July 22, 2010

‘Maxed out’ on water

‘Maxed out’ on water
Drainage woes continue to dampen Max’s spirit


Another wet year has compounded water problems in Max. And the next victim could be Max Farmers Elevator.
A number of long-term options to reduce the water threat were discussed at a special meeting at the Max Civic Center Wednesday, July 13. But with water inching ever closer to a “house” rail or elevator-owned line action needed to be taken now rather than later. Even with water just inches away, elevator officials fear the water has already softened some areas of the rail bed.
“Water is literally running through the rail yard,” said Max Mayor Richard Seklecki.
Working to get something going now, it was decided to install a pump that would siphon water from a pond, called Elbow Lake, to the west, past the Highway 83 overpass. The water would then flow to a culvert that moves the water to the west to another pond on the south edge of Max.
Hearing what is proposed eased some of the concern from elevator officials.
“We’ll just take it one day at a time,” elevator manager Harold Rasmussen said.

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