May 5, 2021

‘These masks were ridiculous’

‘These masks were ridiculous’

Masks no longer required at Garrison schools
By Iain Woessner

Emotions were high in a special school board meeting called to address whether the school should continue the current mask mandate, which requires students, visitors and teachers to wear masks on school premises.

The state has officially rescinded its mask mandate, but individual communities and school districts can still mandate mask use while the COVID-19 pandemic is in effect. The school board weighed several motions and ultimately passed two -- to immediately remove emergency powers from Garrison school superintendent Nick Klemisch and to make masks ‘recommended’ and not required. 

The board meeting opened with public comment. Margo Knorr, who described herself as a newcomer to the district, started things off.

“I’ve been observing what you’ve been doing with your little children … and I don’t think it’s reflective of Garrison’s values,” Knorr said. “You go to stores, people aren’t wearing masks anymore. You go to restaurants, people aren’t wearing masks anymore. Pretty much everybody has kept up with the governor dropping the mask mandate and you guys have not.”

John Souza, another member of the public, spoke as well, offering support for the board’s decision and criticism of mask mandates overall.

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