April 4, 2018

Main Street under surveillance

In result of the recent vandalism to Garrison entities, there will now be a watchful eye over Garrison at all times.
First brought up in a Parks and Recreation Department meeting in March, the idea of putting cameras in the City Park has evolved into having cameras on Main Street as well, involving the Garrison Chamber of Commerce and the City of Garrison.
The three entities met with representatives of Reservation Telephone Cooperative several times over the past month. At the most recent Chamber and City Council meetings, it was agreed to have 12 cameras put up, divided among Main Street and the City Park.
Chamber and City member Paul Schlichting bought the idea to the Chamber meeting, in hopes the group would sponsor the project.
“To do 12 cameras, to lease and run them is about $300 per month,” he told the group. “I think this group should be the sponsoring group. The recorder for the cameras will be located in the Convention and Visitors Bureau office.”

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