January 28, 2015

Making magic


The magic of Papa’s Pumpkin Patch came to Garrison Monday evening.

Tracy Finneman, one of the operators of Papa’s in Bismarck, was the featured speaker at the Garrison Area Improvement Association annual meeting.

Finneman talked about what makes Papa’s special. She encouraged GAIA and the community as a whole to create its own magic.

Sharing what she knows about Garrison, Finneman said, "You treat people well when they are here."

To enhance the experience, Finneman shared a few tips:

•Identify who, what and how. "Who is our customer; What do we have to offer that they want; How are we telling our story?"

•Capitalize on talents and resources: "Align people with their passion; Think recycle and re-purpose."

•Consistently seek feedback: "Ensure delivery of the above."

The formula has worked well for Papa’s as it’s become a region-wide destination.

Offering advice, Finneman told GAIA the community needs to get itself out there more. "There needs to be a way to grab the people who are coming here on a regular basis," she said.

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