May 26, 2011

Makoti set to celebrate a century

Makoti set to celebrate a century
Summer intern
The countdown is on to a celebration of historic proportions in Makoti. On July 7-10, Makoti will be celebrating 100 years as a town.
After four years of fundraising and months of planning, the various committees have put together a wide variety of activities for all ages to celebrate the centennial. Some of the entertainment includes three nights of street dances, tournaments and games, parades and an arts and crafts show.
Chair of Registration, Lisa Schenfisch, said that while registration for the centennial started slow, it is beginning to pick up. Registration has not been limited to North Dakota residents. “We have had registrants sign up from as far as Washington, Arizona and several other states,” said Schenfisch.
The committees will offer all daytime entertainment, nightly dances, fireworks and some other events free of charge. “The community and surrounding towns have been very generous in supporting our fundraising efforts financially and helping put them on so we are hoping they join us during our celebration as that is our way of saying thank you,” said Schenfisch.

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