October 23, 2013

Makoti’s Rensch Garage to close


Three and a half years ago, Brian and Melissa Rensch had a dream. The birth of Jack and Sam, twin sons, brought a possibility that a fourth generation of Rensch "men" might someday operate Rensch Garage in Makoti. The newborns were welcomed home by their sister Josie, a ten-year-old "angel" in the eyes of her father.

When the babies were only five months old, Brian suffered a brain hemorrhage resulting in a severe stroke. The family’s day-to-day routine crumbled into chaos. Of the babies, Melissa said, "They spent the second half of their first year in hospitals."

Once Brian was able to return home, Melissa found herself in the role of caregiver for four family members. Not only did Brian require her assistance, but the couple’s children each required a great deal of attention to meet their individual needs. Melissa noted that Josie has Cerebral Palsy and other health concerns.

Melissa’s load was lightened by the couple’s neighbors, friends, family and other community members. While Melissa cared for her loved ones, volunteers assisted with that care. Others tackled laundry and other household chores. Meals were prepared and brought to the Rensch home. Marveling at the unrelenting commitment of those in the Makoti area, Melissa referred to the community as a "village" of caring people. She said, "People just reached out every day … there was always somebody at the house to help." She added, "I think it was fun for people to get to know Josie."

Although Brian improved and returned to work, he wasn’t able to operate the business as he had done previously. Referring to the company’s employees, Melissa said, "These guys just really did what was needed to keep the business running."

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