May 30, 2013

Mapping plan pondered

Mapping plan pondered
By Michael Johnson
BHG News Service

Want to determine who is at risk if a hazardous spill occurs in the county or find out whose property is within a matter of inches?
Brenda Wilson of GIS Workshop, Inc. shared information on the many features and options provided by GIS (Geographic Information System) software that could be utilized by several of the county’s departments if approved by county commissioners.
Wilson shared that the GIS Workshop group has been around for 17 years. The group hoped to provide services for the tax director’s office at the county and possibly others once options were presented.
Wilson said GIS can show the exact placement of each parcel in the county. That information could allow for better determinations of land values, land quality and land usage.
Wilson also highlighted that having this information in an easy to read, easy to operate format means the county would not have to be concerned if the one person who knows everything decides to leave. All the info remains online for anyone, including the public to view.
Having everything in one place that the entire county can access also takes the redundancies out, Wilson said.
While everyone may go to tax director Todd Schreiner for info now, they could find the info themselves and even make changes on their own.
Wilson noted that the public would like GIS info on-line.

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