October 9, 2008

Marina completion drawing closer

Marina completion drawing closer

It should be about another six weeks or so before construction on the new Garrison Bay Marina is complete. That’s the prediction by Curt Martin, owner of Martin Construction of Gladstone, the firm charged with undertaking the marina project.

Martin said the main reason for the delay has been unforeseen problems, including keeping the south abutment (interior of the north wall of the marina) and cofferdam stabilized. The south abutment was finally stabilized about two weeks ago

"We’ve had trouble with that sliding the whole year," Martin explained. "We put about 25,000 ton of rock in there."

With the movement, portions of the marina had to be redesigned to assure a stable perimeter around the basin. With the adjustments that were required to keep the walls from continually creeping in due to the pressure created from rising lake levels this past summer crews had to continually scramble to keep ahead of the fluid movement of the abutments rather than focusing on the task at hand – building the marina. Unfortunately, Martin says, the problems will persist – but to a lesser extent – until the project is complete. To combat the problem constant reworking of the project was required.

"We were having to build it (marina) backwards," he noted.

But with success coming in small steps, each passing day means the project is that much closer to being complete.

"Now we can start building forward. I wrote it down – Sept. 25," he added as a grin came across his face. "Now we can start building it the right way and things should move along faster and faster."

Originally, it was estimated the project would be completed last month. And with work progressing at a faster pace now that stabilization has been complete crews have reached the target elevation of 1790 mean sea level.

He said, ideally, many problems would not have had to be encountered if the marina had been built last year when lake levels were about 10 feet lower.

Watching the equipment work in the background, he admits the project has given its fair share of frustrations. But with the bad comes the good and Martin said he could see the light at the end of the tunnel. And he adds the marina project is one he wants to be proud to say that he’s been a part of.

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