July 28, 2011

Max Cafe moves downtown

Max Cafe moves downtown

Less than a month ago, during the Max All-School Reunion, visitors and residents congregated at several locations around the city. One such location was the complex that included the Max Cafe and DJ’s Centennial Lounge.
On Monday, workers from Huwe housemovers were getting the structure ready for its move to Main Street. The move, from just west of Hwy 83 to its new location, is a relatively short jaunt – less than half a mile.
The project was not short on challenge, however. Before the structure was loaded for transport, the movers determined it needed to be separated into two sections. After literally cutting the building in two, the cafe portion was moved to Main Street. By late Tuesday afternoon, it had been moved to the site of its new home but had not been lowered onto its new foundation.
Meanwhile, workers continued to prepare the lounge portion of the structure for transport.

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