June 17, 2010

Max gets new mayor

Max gets new mayor
Write-in campaign ousts Gullickson


A write-in campaign in the municipal election at Max has resulted in the ouster of Mayor Jody Gullickson. She will be replaced by write-in candidate Richard Seklecki. The unofficial tabulations showed that Seklecki received 52 votes, while Gullickson garnered 41 votes. There were 10 scattered write-in names, city officials said.
Gullickson has served as the city’s mayor since 2002. She previously served on the Max City Council.
Voters in Max also approved a Home Rule Charter, which only required a simple majority. The approval of the charter now gives the city the power to draft an ordinance if it wanted to implement a city sales tax.
Seklecki is not a native of Max, but he has been a community servant. Seklecki was a member of the Max School Board, being elected in 2005. He served until August 2006 when he took a position at a college in Wisconsin for one year. After that year he said he realized “it was not my cup of tea.”
Seklecki, who is a native of western New York State, served in the U. S. Air Force. His tour of duty took him to Southeast Asia. When he returned to the States he pursued and completed a bachelors degree in criminal justice.
He was employed as a police officer in Dallas, Texas for 13 years. More recently, Seklecki has been teaching at the college level, and was a professor of Criminal Justice at Minot State University for four years prior to taking the job in Wisconsin.

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