September 30, 2020

Max School Board discusses co-op


Strong feelings were voiced at the Max School Board meeting on Sept. 22.
The Max School library was full of about 20 parents and community members last week as people gathered to listen to the discussion amongst the board about how the co-op negotiations will be handled.
Max Athletic Director Lesli Talbott said she has talked to all 11 current football players and their families, and all 11 would prefer to co-op with Garrison again this year.
“One hundred percent of the kids want to continue to co-op with Garrison and they had some really nice things to say about the football program and coaches,” Talbott said.
Max approached Garrison in August to see if there was a possibility of continuing the co-op in the future. 
The previous co-op between the two school was ended in December 2019 when Garrison School Superintendent Nick Klemich was notified that Max had submitted a formal request to dissolve.
Garrison School Board members and administrators said they were open to the possibility.
The Max extra-curricular committee met again in September. Talbott and Max Superintendent Travis Engen developed a proposal to present to their school board for approval before forwarding to Garrison School.
“How we developed it is a proposal that would work best for our kids using our facilities, keeping in mind practices that would best meet the needs of our athletes,” Talbott said.
Max School would keep cross country, elementary girls basketball, girls varsity girls basketball and softball.
Garrison School would continue to host football, junior high football, junior high girls basketball, junior high volleyball, baseball, track, golf and elementary volleyball.
Volleyball would be split depending on opposing teams. If they play a team from the south the girls would practice and prepare for the game in Garrison, and if the opposing team comes from the north they would prepare and play in Max.

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