November 26, 2019

Max stands firm: no full co-op


If the co-op disagreement between Max and Garrison school boards was a football game, Max would be the team wanting to play by the previous rules and Garrison would be the team trying to rewrite the rule book.

That's the takeaway from two school board meetings last week, Garrison Nov. 18 and Max Nov. 19.

Garrison voted at its meeting to form a full co-op with Max, but to base all games, practices, expenses and revenue based on number of participants from each school. The team with more participants pays more, but has a bigger say on all the components.

For example, there were 29 girls from both schools who played C Squad, Junior Varsity and Varsity volleyball. Five of the girls were from Max. There were six home games, two that were played in Max. Four practices of 43 were in Max.


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