January 15, 2014

McLean Manor has new owner


For the first time in nearly 50 years, Garrison’s McLean Manor will be owned by a local individual. Larry Trujillo, manager of the facility, is finalizing details for its purchase and effective Feb. 1, will become the Manor’s owner/operator.

Assisting with day-to-day operation will be Trujillo’s wife Del and the couple’s son Derrick. Trujillo praised employees Bea Arlt, Avis Stiefel and Bobbie Mayorga for their dedication saying he planned to retain them as employees.

Often, with a change in ownership, other changes are in the wind. That’s true with Trujillo’s purchase of the Manor. Planned upgrades to the exterior of the building include painting, installation of electrical outlets and better lighting.

Trujillo said he plans to replace some areas of carpeting and to upgrade the furnace. On the short list are plans to install a flat screen TV in the lobby for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.

There are also plenty of things that won’t change. He said the change in ownership will not prompt a change in rental prices. Trujillo stressed the importance of keeping the Manor an affordable housing option for seniors. He said apartments will continue to be available for residents who qualify for HUD housing assistance.

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