June 30, 2011

MEC bills to be ‘rounded up’

MEC bills to be ‘rounded up’

Members of McLean Electric Cooperative will soon be paying more for their electric power. The increase is not due to a rate increase, however; it is by choice.
During the co-op’s 66th annual meeting on June 21, members voted to allow the billing department to round up bills to the next dollar.
Under the proposal, introduced by Don Gackle, Garrison, the money collected would average about $6 per member, per year. He noted that the maximum would be $11.88 (based on 12 consecutive monthly bills rounded up 99 cents). Proceeds would be pooled and donated to charitable causes, chosen by a committee. Members were assured that participation is voluntary and those who do not want to participate can opt-out.
In his president’s report, Don Sorge said, “I am proud to say the state of the cooperative is very healthy.” Giving a brief synopsis of year 2010, he mentioned a major ice storm during January. An Easter weekend ice storm that followed caused nearly $700,000 in damages.

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