June 24, 2010

Meeting July 7 will explore tennis court for Garrison

Meeting July 7 will explore tennis court for Garrison
Sports enthusiasts invited to join ad hoc group
A meeting to establish an ad hoc group to advance the construction of a state-of-the art, outdoor public tennis court has been called for Wednesday, July 7 by the chairman of the Garrison Park Board, Paul Garcia. The meeting is set for 7 p.m. in the Garrison City Council chambers.
Purpose of the meeting, Garcia said, would be to bring enthusiasts of the sports together in a joint city-school venture to build a tennis court as soon as possible.
Triggering Garcia’s call for the meeting is an offer from a private individual of the community to provide funds for the tennis court. He said that individual would be identified at the July 7 meeting.
“We want to get folks who are interested in the sport to join us in planning for this significant addition to Garrison’s recreational facilities,” Garcia said. “The more people involved, the better,” he added. He encouraged all persons who have an interest in advancing a lifetime sport for the Garrison community to attend the July 7 meeting.
Special invitations have been extended, Garcia said, to known tennis enthusiasts in the community.

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