April 8, 2020

More street improvements


Streets were on the minds of the Garrison City Council Monday evening. 
Streets and Utilities Committee met and decided to go ahead with sewer and water repairs on Troopers Avenue and one block of 1st Street NE. After the sewer upgrade is complete the streets will be repaved.
“Are we going to have enough money (for sewer and water)?” asked Alderman Dave Reinarts.
City Auditor Diane Affledt said “We will have enough money there.”
Reinarts added, “But the paving, that’s the big one.”
Affledt answered, “The paving is where we usually run short on that and of course this year we will be paying for last years.” 
Reinarts said, “We have the money, we have a lot in the sewer account.” 
Alderman Paul Schlichting said, “Two months from now it could be a little different story, I don’t think we should quit (projects that were already planned), we should be smart. We need to make sure we have things that we need.”
Voting yes to move forward was John Matthews, Reinarts, Maria Olson, Marcus Matthews and Glen Nygard. Voting no was Schlichting.

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