May 2, 2018

Much discussion leads to vote

Bond election set for June 23
A bucket of discussion has overflown on the proposed bond referendum for Garrison School District.
A public forum last Tuesday brought 120 community members together to discuss pros and cons of the proposed building project. Seeing mostly positive feedback, the Garrison School Board voted to move forward with a bond election set for June 26, in Wednesday’s board meeting.
One hundred and twenty people with groups of differing opinions were given a presentation that exceeded an hour and a half. The Citizens Advisory committee took turns speaking out and providing information to the audience.
Maintenance costs, specific red flag areas of each school, tax evaluations and so much more was presented to the community members. After the presentation concluded, the community was able to pose question that were answered by the committee and engineers on the project.
At the end of the meeting a survey was to be completed. Of those who turned in the survey, “yes” votes totaled 45, “no’s” were at 24 and “undecided” voter numbers were 13.
“I was personally energized by this meeting. I just have to compliment the board and the community,” Consolidated construction Company’s Jim Harris said. “You have a tremendous group of leaders here that I am just inspired by. Last nights meeting, great attendance, great questions.”

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