March 11, 2020

Nailed It

Couple flips, remains married
Garrison seems to have a new team of accidental real estate moguls in town.
Lucas and Sasha Dusek moved to Garrison about 11 years ago.
Sasha grew up on a farm near Bowman, while Lucas hales from Anamoose.
Lucas was offered a job at MEC that brought the couple to Garrison.
Lucas moved here first and there was only one house for sale in town.
“It wasn’t even really for sale,” Lucas said. “A guy I knew in town, his friend owned it as a hunting and fishing cabin and wanted to sell it. It wasn’t even listed. It wasn’t anything.”
“But we are not afraid to put a little work into something,” Sasha said.
They moved into a little green house that needed a big transformation from a hunting cabin into a home.
With their family growing, they needed something larger than a one bedroom.
When their neighbors house went up for sale, it was a no brainer. They bought it. Moving was easy. “We just walked across the yard,” Sasha chuckled.
Sasha and Lucas’s home now could be best described as a tutorial on farmhouse décor. Everything down to the finishing touches are well thought out and beautiful.
They did keep the little green house to use as a rental property.
“Our plan, to be honest, was to add on to this house or just have a big yard, but we’ve always had good renters,” Sasha said.

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