September 13, 2012

Narrowing the housing gap

Narrowing the housing gap
Investor seeks go-ahead to build


What has 30 bedrooms, 20 bathrooms and ten double garages?
The short answer is a proposal to build five duplexes just across the highway from Garrison.
Dennis Jeffrey, former owner of the Garrison Motel and North Shore Inn & Suites, has applied for a zoning change to land he owns west of North Shore Inn & Suites.
If the zoning change is approved, Jeffrey plans to build the duplexes as upscale rental units. Each three-bedroom unit would include two bathrooms, a double garage, laundry facilities and a patio.
Each unit would be equipped with appliances and central air. Another attraction, Jeffrey said, is that the units would be maintenance-free for the tenants. Tasks such as lawn care and snow removal would be provided.

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