December 29, 2020

New Ag room project a go


Garrison Superintendent Nick Klemisch is working on more improvements at the school.
He’s coming up with options to overhaul the GHS’s Ag room and turn it into a multi-function lunch room and multi-purpose room and find a new home for the metal shop. 
Five options were presented to the Garrison School Board at their December meeting:
1) Repurpose the bus barn into the metal shop. 
2) Fundraise the money to build a new shop. 
3) Buy an existing structure in town.
4) Build a pre-engineered steel building.
5) Build a stand-alone building north of the current Ag shop with a vestibule walk-way between the two buildings with a fire door in between the two buildings.
After discussing the options, board member Lisa Maki motioned to move forward with option five. Board member Duane Hummel seconded the motion.
The motion was passed unanimously.
The approximate cost for material and labor would be $400,000 to $500,000 for a 60x100 square foot building with a 24-foot sidewall stick built building. The building will be completely insulated, plumbed and have electricity installed.

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