December 16, 2020

New Max co-op looks promising

New Max co-op looks promising

Max partnering with South Prairie for the next three years

Max student athletes could be playing part-time as Royals and part-time as Cossacks next year.
After Garrison Schools abruptly stopped co-op talks with Max School on Nov. 19, Max was left to venture out on its own and find a new partner.
And that’s exactly what it did.
Max Superintendent Travis Engen, Max Athletic Director Lesli Talbott and school board member Dennis Erickson met with South Prairie Superintendent Darwin Routledge last week to discuss the possibility of the new co-op. 
The committee brought the proposal to the full Max School Board for review. The school board unanymously approved the presented proposal.

Spring 2021
Lewis and Clark/Berthold School in Parshall invited the Max baseball players to join their team for the upcoming spring season.
“Basically Lewis and Clark is just helping us out,” Max School Board President Galen Scheresky said.
School board member Ron Kramer said, “This sounds like a generous offer.”
This will be a one-year co-op agreement between the two schools.
L&C is not requiring that Max supply a coach, but Max does have an interested party that is willing to help out. Max will pay the salary of the assistant coach and all transportation costs for players to get to and from practice in Berthold. As of now, there are about seven students likely to play this spring.
The Max softball team will take a year off of competition. Max administration spoke with softball coach Sara Ruhland and they came up with an alternative plan for the team. The girls will 

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