April 30, 2014

New White Shield school planned



Monday evening plans were unveiled for a new K-grade 12 school in White Shield.

The design was presented by Dean Dovolis and Scott Nelson, architects with DJR Architecture, Inc., Minneapolis.

The two said the design of the two-story structure was their concept of how to best incorporate desired features that had been shared with them.

Dovolis explained that the design included a lot of glass and wood and that it would provide an abundance of natural light. He added, "You will always know where the sun is and what’s going on outside."

The design boasts a two story commons area that runs the width of the structure. Elements of the Arikara heritage will be represented by a water feature as well as space to display cultural items and artwork.

The main floor is the educational center for elementary grade students and includes offices, a kitchen and a cafeteria. The design of the main level includes a collegiate size gymnasium. Junior and senior high classrooms would be on the second floor.

Lonnie Burr, senior project manager for the Three Affiliated Tribes (TAT), said. "The school will never be built unless BIE (Bureau of Indian Education) specs are met." One of those specifications is square footage.

Tom Miller, a school administrator from Michigan, said plans are for 55,000 square feet. He explained that square footage is determined by school programs (types of classes) and enrollment.

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