July 6, 2016

No horsing around


What would you like to be when you grow up?

That question is often asked of children. For Stefanie Vetter, the answer was simple – becoming a jockey. But the track to that dream is taking some twists and turns.

With her career behind her, the 1983 Garrison High alum said it’s now or never. She said she’s ready to take the reins, give them a snap, dig in her heels and ride furlongs toward that brass ring.

She found a horse trailer with living quarters, loaded up her family, Sophia, 13, and Colton, 12, two horses, a dog and a cat. She’s on her way from Palmer, Alaska, near Anchorage, to Lexington, Ky.

"The trip has been adventurous to say the least," she said.

The adventures include waking up one morning to find the horses wandered off.

"Getting through Alaska, the Yukon, British Columbia, roads aren’t the best or are under construction," she said. "And when a semi passes you, you know you’re going slow."

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