March 28, 2018

No more faking sick

Max Public School implements E-Nurse
Max School’s newest feature makes faking sick to get out of school a lot harder.
A student who claims they are too sick to be in school, instead of being sent home right away, will visit the E-Nurse.
There, a real nurse on a screen can actually diagnose the child, make suggestions and call parents.
Several administrators and staff are trained to assist the E-Nurse in diagnosis by checking ears, noses and throats for irritation and symptoms.
For example, If a child complains of a sore throat, the trained personnel can use a scope connected to the computer to look inside the mouth. Everything the scope sees, the nurse sees.
The program has been live since March 1.
“So far it has been great,” Supt. Pat Windish said. “It has been used several times.”

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