July 18, 2018

No more Friday night lights

Garrison-Max pulls the plug on varsity football
The tradition of a busy, lit up football field every Friday night has come to an end for the Garrison-Max Troopers, at least for this year.
For some, gathering at the field near the Garrison High School is a social event, for others it ‘s a passion to watch and cheer on the full-contact sport.
Due to low numbers and concern for the safety of the upcoming players, mostly freshmen and sophomore students, it was decided by Garrison-Max Troopers officials that the program would be strictly junior varsity and junior high for the 2018 season.
“Looking at numbers we have about 15 kids 9-12 fully committed to play football,” Supt. Nick Klemisch said. “Two are seniors and the rest are mostly sophomores. That is just not enough to cut a varsity squad. We are just going to get hurt.”

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