September 20, 2017

No new taxes on ‘county’s part’

Commissioners slash $600K from budget
BHG News Service
The McLean County Commissioners took out their black pens Monday morning in an effort to keep the county in the black for the upcoming year, making about $612,000 in budget cuts.
The original budget requests presented at the last commission meeting added up to about $12.9 million dollars. Subtracting the $612,000 will put the budget at about $12.2 million, which is just shy of $1 million less than the 2017 budget.
As commissioners went through the different funds, with most of the head of those funds in attendance, they typically asked the head of the department if they thought they could do without some particular items, and typically the department heads said they could. Once in awhile, one department head offered up a spare of that same item that his or her department already had, or could make room for in his or her department budget.

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