February 21, 2018

No rest for a working man Hummel still mowing at 90

“I will work as long as I can still move around.”
Those are the words of 90 year-old Jim Hummel, who was happy to hear he would be returning to work this spring.
For the past nine years, Hummel has been the man on the mower for the City of Garrison.
Hummel said it is a nice, peaceful job.
“I mow grass all summer long. I like it,” he said. “The people I work with are really good to me.”
After working for McLean County, running a motor grade for 21 years, Hummel did retire at 62. However, he wasn’t a fan of retired life.
“I just don’t feel like sitting around. I have to be doing something,” he said. “After I retired I worked for the nursing home doing maintenance for seven years, before I went to the city.”
Hummel said working is good for his body and mind.

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