December 22, 2011

North Shore patrons want out of Lewis and Clark district

North Shore patrons want out of Lewis and Clark district

A number of Lewis and Clark North Shore School landowners say they want out – out of the Lewis and Clark School District.
The more than 200 landowners who submitted petitions to the Ward County superintendent of schools Dec. 12 say they’d like their property annexed to either the Max or Garrison school districts. The petitioners would rather see their tax dollars to go to districts where their students attend – not the Lewis and Clark District.
A petition bearing the signatures of 215 patrons and landowners was filed Dec. 12 with Jodi Johnson, Ward County’s school superintendent. A majority of petitioners live in the Ryder area. More than 120 square miles of land is involved.
Johnson is in the process of researching and reviewing property documentation. It’s no easy task. There are more than 1,000 properties that have to be researched to determine taxable value. With fingers crossed, she said she hopes to have that process done by the end of the month. A lawyer will then be asked to verify the validity of the petition.


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