August 8, 2018

Nygard: The fine will be removed

City attorney provides misleading facts
“It’s done and over with,” Alderman Glen Nygard said. “I make the motion that Ekstrom and Osterlund have completed what they needed to have done, and the fine will be removed indefinitely.”
Roll call: Alderman David Reinarts, aye; Alderwoman Maria Olson, aye; Alderman Marcus Matthews, nay; Alderman John Matthews, aye; Alderman Paul Schlichting, aye; Alderman Glen Nygard, aye.
The five to one vote by the Garrison City Council on Monday stopped any action being taken against Garrison residents Jason Ekstrom and Cecil Osterlund. The two men brought their cases to the council.
“We are here because we don’t want this to happen to anybody else,” Osterlund said. “My thing here is, you should have the packets in place.”
The packets Osterlund is referring to would spell out exactly what the city expects in regards to remodels.
“If you don’t think the OSB (partical board) or planks are sheathing, then you should have that spelled out (in a packet), so when a person gets the notice and order, and the notice and order is done properly, the person will know what’s going on.”
Osterlund said to this day he, or his wife, have never received the initial notice from the City stating they were in violation.

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