April 9, 2009

Old landfill eyed as development site

Old landfill eyed as development site
The City of Garrison has OK’d Garrison Area Improvement Association (GAIA) officials to be the representative for any possible development of the old city landfill property. The lone stipulation is that if any agreement is reached that there be no cost to the city.
GAIA President Glen Huettl met with council members at their regular meeting Monday night, saying the economic development group has fielded a number of inquiries about the availability of the property. The inquiries have come from firms that are seeking to establish a commercial/industrial business.
“We are getting a lot of requests for commercial property now,” Huettl told the council. “And we are virtually out of that.”
He went on to say that some that are inquiring are seeking large acreages. GAIA is preparing proposals for two entities that are eyeing Garrison as a community to locate.
“We are here to open up the conversation to be the agent for the unnamed companies,” Huettl said. “What we would like is to take the next step to have the property … allowing GAIA the authorization to be the representative of the property.
“We need to move ahead to see what the next step will be,” he added.
City officials reminded Huettl that any plans/proposals for the old landfill site would have to be submitted to the State Health Department for approval before proceeding.
“We wouldn’t be opposed to make that a commercial property . . . as long as we provide water and sewer,” said Alderman Chad Rensch.
It’s going to be a while before the city landfill is open for business. City officials heard that before the landfill could be open a new pit has to be dug. Nygard Construction, Garrison, will dig a new pit as soon as conditions permit, members were told by Maintenance Supervisor Alan Beyreis.
“It’s not looking good now for April … hopefully by May,” he said of a possible opening date.
In his report, Beyreis also shared that a number of potholes are forming as the frost comes out of the ground. He noted that repair is in progress. New gutter has been installed on the west side of the city shop. Airport terminal flooring and bathroom plumbing has been completed he said.

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