May 5, 2011

Paving to cost a pretty penny

Paving to cost a pretty penny

Council members gasped.
If the City of Garrison were to patch and overlay all 34 areas and streets marked as needing attention by Bechtold Paving officials in Minot, it would cost more than $450,000.
The city has access to $110,000. Council members speculate another $30,000 could be secured through the city’s Sales and Use Tax. Some consideration is being given to cashing in CD’s.
With that in mind, city and Bechtold officials are going to target eight areas that will receive priority this summer. But those areas alone (requiring an overlay or patching) will cost more than $212,000.
Left scratching their collective heads, council members were in a quandry.
“We have to do the patching … we don’t have any options there. That’s where we have to start,” said Alderman Gene Hummel, Street Committee member.
Many of the affected areas are undermined by the high water table, making driving on those areas like driving on a sponge. Hummel said those areas will need time to dry out or any effort to make repairs would be futile.
“There’s no sense patching them and doing a whole bunch of work if we have to dig them up again in a year or two,” Hummel said. “We would be throwing away a bunch of money.”
“These streets are as important as anything else,” added Alderman Chad Betz.

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