September 22, 2011

Paying it forward

Paying it forward
Fund offsetting cost of infrastructure projects

A 1 percent tax approved by Garrison voters in 2006 could pave the way toward paying the lion’s share of the cost for a new water tower in the community. The tax has already gone a long way in helping the city make a number of improvements to water infrastructure. It could soon be doing more.
At their Sept. 6 meeting, council members reviewed information provided by Auditor Diane Affeldt. The information revealed that the city would be able to pay off a number of loans. Interest alone on one note would save the city about $30,000.
“That could be money we could put toward other water projects,” said Alderman Richard Lehnherr.
Council members reasoned why pay interest on a number of loans if some of those loans could be paid off. The council speculated that when it comes time to build a new tower, it could possibly be paid for in advance.
“If we did this, we wouldn’t have some of these things hanging over our head,” Lehnherr said. “It’s better to not pay inte

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