November 30, 2016

Peacekeeper tells other side

Front line officer tells about protest
While Dakota Access Pipeline protesters and a parade of celebrities grab the headlines, there’s one story not frequently being told.
A number of McLean County Sheriff’s Department deputies have spent hundreds of hours at the Standing Rock Reservation pipeline protests south of Mandan.
One officer spoke openly about what he’s witnessed, but asked for anonymity because officers and their families are being threatened by protesters.
The deputy visited with members of the Garrison Chamber of Commerce’s Governmental Affairs Committee, Monday.
He said the scenes of violence are incredible.
He witnessed protesters using slingshots. Bolts and nuts are used as projectiles against authorities. One law enforcement officer was hit on the helmet 14 times, he said. Another was injured, requiring medical care.
The deputy observed protesters trying to light a tear gas grenade, one decided to start a fire, but it was downwind and the protesters yelled “fire.” The Highway Patrol obliged, putting out the blaze.
“A couple days later we got blamed,” the deputy said.
Law enforcement witnessed protesters butchering livestock.

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