October 11, 2012

Peavey elevator to come down

Peavey elevator to come down

A landmark in Garrison’s skyline that has stood for decades will soon be no more. The Peavey elevator is scheduled for demolition.
Garrison Farmers Union Elevator/CHS, owners of the building, have made arrangements to have the structure demolished. Work should begin in the next few days. The demolition will be handled by Forrest River Salvage of Fordville, N.D.
The removal of the crib-style structure will pave the way for a new concrete silo facility. The state-of-the-art terminal will streamline the grain handling procedure, thus making it more customer efficient, said elevator manager Chris Gratton.
If things go as planned, construction on the new structure should begin early next spring.
Gratton said the addition will speed up the unloading process. “Farmers want to get in, get out and back to the fields. The faster we can do that the better,” he said.
The Quonset just east of the Peavey structure is also being removed. Bruce Pigeon, owner of Pigeon Products, has purchased the building. It will be moved down the street to Pigeon’s lot near Highway 37.

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