April 27, 2016

Plains Ag purchases Lakeside Machinery


And the two shall become one.

There were two implement dealers in Garrison not too long ago. Now, they are one. Plains Ag, LLC, is finalizing the purchased Lakeside Machinery, Inc. The transaction will be complete Monday.

Plains Ag purchased Garrison’s other implement dealer, Rensch Farm Store, in December. There has been no down time. Though it’s in transition, the store has been open for business and is open for business.

"The doors have never been closed," said Chad Rensch.

Les Olson, general manager, Plains Ag, LLC, said the decision makes sense.

"With company stores in Mandan and Minot, our Northern Plains region, and with it being 110-115 miles apart, there’s just too many good farms in the center and we waned to better take care of the customers," he said.

The Lakeside Machinery purchase is for assets. The building will be leased from owners Duane and Julie Hummel. The Rensch purchase was also an asset purchase. The Rensch building serves as the main office. The Lakeside building will accommodate overflow as needed.


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