July 3, 2013

Plant getting new look

Plant getting new look

It’s a skeleton of what it once was, but in a few months, the Snake Creek Pumping Plant will have a brand new look about it.
The Bureau of Reclamation announced earlier this year it would be replacing the brick walls and roof of the pumping plant.
Construction Superintendent Dan Schwab of Gracon Corp., Loveland, Colo., the general contractor of the project, said the structure was deteriorating due to the weather, and it was time for a total rebuild.
Everything is being removed except for the structural steel. In place of concrete block and brick, the new facade will feature cast in place reinforced concrete with a brick veneer finish.
The brick walls and roof replacement is critical to assure the pumping plant retains its integrity into the future, the Bureau said. The new, modern structure will be “greener” and feature natural lighting. Schwab said the facility would be environmentally friendly.

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