January 6, 2021

Police chief gives update


Police Chief Travis Tesch drew critism from one council member during his departmental update at the Garrison City Council meeting on Jan 5.
Alderman Curt Olson once again questioned Tesch on why there’s no night coverage of Garrison. Olson previously addressed this at last month city council meeting.
“I want to start seeing some officers out at night,” Curt Olson said.
He said that residents are not satisified with the coverage they are seeing.
“If they have a problem with coverage, they should call Chief Tesch.” Garrison Mayor Stu Merry said. “Why are people calling you?”
Alderman David Reinerts said “The reason we have a police force now is because (the McLean County Sheriffs Department) did not do your job. So how can you come out and say we don’t have night coverage?”
Tesch said his officers are out at night patroling regularily but did not want to discuss during open meeting.
“I’ve seen them come by my house now more than ever saw a sheriffs car come by,” Reinarts said.  
Alderwomen Maria Olson agreed. “I’ve seen them also,” Maria Olson said.
Merry wrapped up with, “Let it go, we are done with this.”

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