July 12, 2012

Police contract OK’d

Police contract OK’d

It went by with barely a whisper. The Garrison City Council approved the contract with the McLean County Sheriff’s Department. And it took about that long to approve the 2013 contract of $99,461.
In past years, the contract has been a bone of contention between the city and county. Not so the past couple of years since the contract is not full-time.
Also at the July 2 meeting, the council heard that 14 certified letters have been sent to people who have not been mowing their lawn – all 14 are now being mowed by a local lawn service, and the fee is being assessed to the property owner’s taxes.
Ordinances updated
Some zoning ordinances for the city are being updated. At the meeting, City Attorney Jim Wilson was directed to begin making revisions. He will bring information to the council in August.

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