September 9, 2010

Polling place relocated from Roseglen to Raub

Polling place relocated from Roseglen to Raub

Voters in western McLean County will have a new place to cast their ballots come this fall.
At their meeting Tuesday in Washburn, county commissioners approved the relocation of the Roseglen polling site to Raub. The move is official and will be in place for the General Election in November. The reason is due, in part, to the deteriorating condition of the Roseglen Hall, commissioners said.
“It was requested from poll workers,” Commission Chair Steve Lee noted.
The average number of inmates incarcerated at the new McLean County Law Enforcement Center is 17.
Sheriff Don Charging presented a population breakdown from the Law Enforcement Center. The report shows that for the month of August 525 prisoner days were served by inmates (471 by males and 54 by females).
In highway matters, county Superintendent Ron Wagner presented a plan of action presented by Wold Engineering, Bismarck. The plan of action is in regard to bridges in the county with unknown foundations.

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