December 27, 2012

Prepared for the worst

Prepared for the worst
Lock-down conducted at Max

With the tragedy involving elementary students in Connecticut fresh in their minds, school officials at Max want to have the bases covered when it comes to keeping their students and staff safe and secure.
Dec. 18, the school conducted a building-wide lock-down.
“It (The Newtown, Conn., tragedy) reminded us to fine tune our safety procedures,” said Superintendent Craig Eraas. “Just like our fire evacuation drills, our lock-down is in constant need of practice and revision to provide our students with the highest level of security afforded to us.”
This past week, school officials were also faced with addressing alleged “rumors” of a potential threat to the school. Parents were alerted via telephone and a full investigation was conducted by administration. Students were questioned and interviewed.
McLean County law enforcement was also notified and conducted its own independent investigation. The results yielded the same answer. “There is, nor was there ever, any threats made by anyone at any time,” Eraas said.
“There is no evidence, direct witnesses, or even a hint of any evidence behind any threats of violence against the school,”

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