June 3, 2015

Principal interviews take place



The Garrison School has begun its search for a new secondary principal.

Tuesday night, three individuals were interviewed.

Candidates include Herbert "Wade" Crissman, a Drayton native who is a substitute teacher, living in Alaska. He’s also recently been a principal at Forman.

Also interviewing was Arlin Fylling from McClusky. He has spent 19 years in a classroom setting.

The third candidate is Steve Dangel of Minot. He has been involved in the Magic City Campus Advanced Ed. team. He’s also on Harvey’s visitation team.

The interview team included School Superintendent Nick Klemisch, board President Rodger Affeldt, Elementary Principal Shelly Fuller, Business Manager Bobbi Jo Anderson, math instructor Dana Schmidt, social studies/AD Jason Ermer and counselor Connie Herman.

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