November 20, 2019

Prison sentence follows theft from area elevators

“You just got to stay positive and optimistic and put one foot in front of the other.”
That’s what Brian Larson, manager of the McClusky Elevator, said this week following word of the judgment against a grain dealer who scammed the elevator out of $287,669. The elevator stands to be in line for restitution of 80 percent or $230,135. McClusky Elevator and four other area elevators are considered by the state to have lost almost $1.4 million.
Larson was glad to see Hunter Hanson, 22, sentenced to eight years in a federal prison and three years of probation.
“It was the high end of the recommended range, so I was glad for that,” Larson said. “I don’t know that is a long enough term with all the havoc he wrecked, though.” Larson said a drought in 2018 followed by the theft was tough on the elevator, but he said 2019 was a good year to help the cooperative rebound.
“Thankfully we had a rather nice year this year,” Larson said.

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