December 11, 2013

Property tax statements mailed


McLean County property owners should have received in the mail this past week their annual tax statement from the county auditor’s office. Do you have yours yet?
Because of property tax relief funded by the state most of the properties in McLean County saw a decrease in property taxes this year.
In their statement, property owners will notice a three-year tax history. As part of that history, the amount of credit a property owner received is listed on the 2011, 2012 and 2013 histories. This year, 17,239 tax statements were mailed as well as 279 mobile home statements.
A 12 percent credit amount that is listed on the statement is a direct reduction on taxes by the state. The reminder of the tax reduction is a result of additional funding by the state to school districts.
As has been state policy, property owners have the option to pay their bill in full by Feb. 15 and to receive a 5 percent discount. Property owners also have the option to pay the first installment by March 1 and the remainder by Oct. 15. Property owners can also make partial payments until the amount is paid in full.

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