July 30, 2009

Prospect for a new motel is positive

Prospect for a new motel is positive
It’s certainly not a “done deal,” but the possibility of a new motel in Garrison appears to be very good.
Dennis and Irene Jeffrey, owners of the Garrison Motel, said they are planning to build a new motel “directly across Hwy. 37” from their existing business on Garrison’s south edge. And, even though details for the project are still in the works, Jeffrey said he is confident the project will materialize “pending final financial paperwork with Garrison State Bank & Trust.” He also alluded to the need for a bit more number-crunching before plans can be finalized.
Jeffrey said he has relied on Garrison Lumber to design the 22-unit motel. He described plans to build “extra large” rooms that feature queen- and king-size beds. He noted that four units would be king-size suites. The new facility will also include a manager’s apartment and amenities that are currently unavailable to motel patrons in Garrison. They include a small (30x36-ft.) conference center and a dining area where a continental breakfast will be available. Another feature will be a parking area that can accommodate RVs, boats, trailers and semis.
Jeffrey said he is hopeful that plans will be finalized soon and that ground-breaking will take place early this fall. He said plans are to have the 60x230-ft. structure framed and enclosed so interior work can continue over the winter months. Plans are to be open for the 2010 summer season.
As to who might be involved in the construction of the facility, Jeffrey said, “All contractors will be local.” Noting the importance of supporting local contractors, suppliers and workers, Jeffrey added, “I’m a businessman here, too.”
As for the incentive to build, Jeffrey had a ready reply. “The city itself – I really love this community!” He added, “It’s the best place to live and the best place to vacation.” He went on say that the Garrison business community has prospered due to the local Chamber of Commerce and the efforts of numerous forward-looking community leaders. He said expanding his motel operation is an affirmation that he believes the city will continue to flourish and that it will remain a popular destination for recreation.

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