April 15, 2020

Public parks still open


There have been many questions about if parks are open.
“We think that parks can safely be kept in operation as long as the people using the parks are social distancing from each other. If the park becomes a gathering place for people, especially if there are people from multiple households a gathering together , then closure may be needed,” North Dakota Department of Health’s Division of Disease Control Kirby Kruger said in early April.
As for Garrison, all city parks will still be open and available for use.  However, the bathrooms in City Park will not be opened due to lack of the availability of cleaning between each use. 
“We would have to be constantly cleaning and there is a lack of cleaning supplies available at this time,” Park Board President Laura Hellabush said at the park board meeting on April 8. “Pretty much for the  safety of the community. We’re trying not to spread the virus.”
If there are groups larger than 10, or groups from multiple households you will be asked to disperse by Park Board members and park employees.

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