August 22, 2018

Public service comes with a paycheck

For those stepping up to serve their community, county or school, it’s not all a labor of love without a financial reward.
Elected officials serving for the city, county or Garrison school receive a paycheck for meetings and duties that come with the job.
McLean County commissioners get the most pay of any elected official in the region. Each – Steve Lee, Barry Suydam and Doug Krebsbach – received a monthly salary of $1,480 per month, for a total of $17,760 a year. Commissioners also receive $45 per meeting if they are on the Planning and Zoning Board or the Dakota Central Social Services Board, plus 54.5 cents a mile for travel.
County commissioners are also eligible to receive single or family health insurance, as well. Commissioners Lee and Krebsbach both receive fully-paid health insurance benefits valued at $1,542 per month. Barry Suydam is the only commissioner who does not take the health insurance option.
Commissioners are also eligible for retirement pay. Suydam participates in the state retirement plan, which pays an extra about 15 percent of his annual pay. Lee participates in a non-state plan for about 9 percent of his pay and Krebsbach does not participate in any county funded retirement plan.

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