August 12, 2015

Quick turnaround

Ambulance service in the green


"We are in the green."

That news from General Manager Tara Cooper came as music to the ears of the board of directors of the Garrison-Max Ambulance Service. It was only a few months ago that the service was operating at a deficit.

At the service’s annual meeting in March, it was reported Three Affiliated Tribes owed more than $200,000 alone. Collections is already working on the remaining accounts dating back several years. This past month, the service received two checks worth $118,552 from the Tribe. The outstanding dates back to last year. But another $33,000 is still owed.

The board debated how to address the outstanding.

"They (the Tribe) said it was denied as it didn’t meet their criteria level," Cooper told the board.

"That $33,000 is $33,000 – if we can get half of that," said board member Jody Gullickson. "We can send them (individuals) a letter saying we’ll give them the opportunity to make good on it and we’ve discussed sending it to collections."

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