November 12, 2009

Request for increased federal disaster aid OK’d

Request for increased federal disaster aid OK’d
Gov. John Hoeven announced this past Friday that President Obama has approved the state’s request for the federal government to reimburse 90 percent of the eligible costs for public emergency measures, debris removal, and repair of publicly owned infrastructure damaged by the severe storms and flooding last spring.
Hoeven requested the increased aid Oct. 28 when the state’s disaster reimbursements surpassed the threshold for additional federal funding.
“Recovery efforts from last spring’s storms and flooding are still underway, and we are continuing to do all we can to support communities across the state as they rebuild roads, bridges and other infrastructure,” said Hoeven. “This increased funding will help ensure that those recovery efforts continue and will decrease the financial burden to our cities, counties and townships.”
The approved funding will increase the federal share for costs incurred from storm and flood damage from the current 75 percent to 90 percent. The state will be responsible for 7 percent of the disaster expenses and local governments will pay 3 percent.
When total federal funding for specific assistance programs under a presidentially declared disaster reaches $122 per capita, the governor can request the increase. For North Dakota, the threshold, based on population determined in the 2000 census, is $78.3 million. That threshold was surpassed last month.

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